2013 Local Artist

2013 Local Artists

Bonnie Maloney, James Shannon, Jill Burstal, Sue Orchison,
Julia Sinclair, David Henderson, Fred Braat, Michael Stephenson

1 October to 31 December 2013
Opening: 3pm Sunday 3 November

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Artist bios

Bonnie Maloney
Bonnie Maloney, now based in Harden, has had a long and active association with the arts in the region and beyond. She has owned a gallery in the Clare Valley region of South Australia and exhibited in many solo, group and fund raising exhibitions. After initially painting in oils for over 20 years, in the past few years, Bonnie has concentrated on pastels. The exquisite pastel and water colour landscapes in this exhibition capture the unique and often intense hues of the region.

David Henderson
David Henderson attended the National Art School from 1964 to 1971. He was the first graduate of Industrial Design in NSW and is a multi-award winner in this field. David returned to Australia in 2009 after 40 years abroad mainly in Africa. Among other things, David has returned to his love of life drawing. The works in this exhibition, capturing the fluid lines, form and essence of the dynamic human figure, also reflect his philosophy and practice of tae kwon do.

Fred Braat
After Fred’s recent exhibition of digital works at the Black Swan, he was inspired to reinterpret these works in acrylic paint on canvas. These lively works distil Fred’s mischievous imagery and wit.

James Shannon
In recent years James Shannon has returned to a love of painting and design first discovered in his school days. Initially reluctant to slow down and reduce his physical workload associated with a long and distinguished career as a producer of super fine Merino wool, lamb and beef cattle, James has taken to painting with a similar intensity, passion and pursuit of excellence.

Jill Burstal
Jill believes that by drawing or painting we learn how to see and experience the world in new ways. Having focussed on portraiture for several years, Jill has now turned to landscapes around her new home in Binalong, embarking on the process of working out how to see them through the act of painting in oils. Her ambition is to create works that read as a record of time spent in contemplation.

Julia Sinclair
Murramburrah artist Julia Sinclair has participated in many exhibitions over the years winning acclaim for her fine art and decorative work. She also finds teaching rewarding. She teaches arts and crafts to adults with disabilities and mental health issues. She has always encouraged people to “have a go” believing that it is good for the soul and state of mind. The rhetorical questions she puts to those that doubt themselves: “Remember the first thing you did well? ….Did you do it well the first time?”

Michael Stephenson
Binalong local artisan Michael Stephenson has been designing and working with wood for over 25 years. Based on his previous experience as an architect, his philosophy is to make objects that reveal and enhance the natural beauty of wood. Many of the pieces are designed to be useful – the inherent characters of the various woods can be appreciated as well as being practical. Michael uses Australian woods whenever possible, including sourcing some from farm properties around Binalong.

Sue Orchison
Canberra and Murrumhurrah artist Sue Orchison was first attracted to drawing as a 7 year old. She took up writing religious Icons eight years ago after a time of drawing with pastels. Since she began writing icons it has become her passion. Her works hang in sCanberra Cathedral and in churches, schools and private homes across Australia. She is working on commissions at present for for churches in Canberra and Victoria. Sue.orchison@gmail.com